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Superior Inspection Service strives to continuously maintain our proven track record providing customer service in many different areas of manufacturing.  Our efficient training, inspection methods, tracking, reporting procedures and dedication to customer satisfaction, allow us to continue providing the following services to our customers.

Containment Inspection

We work with our customers and suppliers/ customers to ensure that suspect materials are identified and a clean point established, while providing detail tracking of all inspection activities to our customer the next day.  We provide effective, visual work instructions and consistent supervision for our staff, as part of our continuous training process.  Our ability to provide qualified staff in an efficient manner, allows us to maintain required production targets and quality at all times.

Controlled Shipping Level 2

We establish common criteria with suppliers and OEM’s, and maintain a clean point with all material.  Our effective communication ensures that all parties are working together to achieve the same results.  We provide effective, visual work instructions and consistent supervision for our staff, as part of our continuous training process.  Our material management experience, and proven quality services and communication, enable us to maintain consistent results for all parties at all times. 

Quality Auditing

Our experienced staff allow us to work with customers and provide detailed reports relating to there manufacturing systems and that of there supplier(s).  We work with our customer in understanding there objectives and control measures.  Our professionalism and expertise in troubleshooting, benefit our customers in maintaining there manufacturing quality systems.  We are there to assist in achieving positive steps and maintaining a high level of quality products. 


We are available to assist our customers to repair and improve there products, for there customers and suppliers.  We provide effective solutions to achieve functional objectives for our customers and there products.  We have the resources to sustain necessary tools and control measures in order to meet product specifications required.  We can perform these activities at our warehouse, customer location or other convenient locations as required.

Warehousing / Logistics

We have a secure, clean and safe 20,000 sqft facility (access to additional space as required) in Brampton, ON.  In addition our resources allow us to attain warehouse space in all North America.  Our customer liaison, maintains efficient communication in order to maintain all production requirements in a timely manner, and supporting all logistical planning. We maintain accurate inventory control and shipping/ receiving procedures.  Currently, our Brampton location directly provides logistics requirements, to and from Brampton, to all over North America.  We provide logistics services with use of a cube van, straight truck and tractor trailer.


We provide packaging services to all our potential customers.  Our experience and technologies, allow us to package, seal package, strap, shrink wrap, and more.  We have provided packaging services for many retail vendors and automotive customers over our company history.


Our experienced personnel provide multiple engineering duties for customers.  We have a proven track record working with customers to attain/ maintain; PPAP, Quality Control Measures, Product Design, Packaging Design/ Implementation, Supplier Quality Management, Customer Quality Management, Troubleshooting, ISO/ TS certification(s) and more…


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