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warehousing, controlled shipping
warehousing, controlled shipping
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Our team, working together with our customer, building a relationship towards managing our customer suppliers product(s).  Working with our customers quality team, we achieve a common goal of satisfying our customers production and end product at a quality level of excellence.  Working with our customer suppliers and maintaining all levels of specification and satisfaction, providing detail reports and maintaining quality systems.

While performing our services for our customers, Superior Inspection
Services utilizes documents such as;

Data Sheet

        1. Containment detail results
        2. Tracking of part/serial/ lot numbers/ non-conformances


        1. Accurate records of service time
        2. Relevant downtime (description of cause)
        3. Requested sign-off via location contact or supervisor,
          verifying service time required

Audit Forms

          • Containment work performed
          • Hourly audit per job conducted on
            certified material, as per inspection criteria



superior inspection services

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